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Website Design & Development

Most frequent questions and answers

In today’s digital landscape, having a website is not just advantageous but a vital necessity for virtually every industry, business, or brand. A website serves as a powerful medium to express your brand’s identity, showcase your products or services, and act as a robust marketing platform for your business.

Absolutely! In fact, we receive frequent requests to re-design older-looking sites into modern designs with improved functionality. The process differs slightly from fresh design projects, as special attention is required to preserve your site’s functionality and SEO rankings.

To ensure a seamless transition, we conduct a URL audit of all the web pages that need re-designing, ensuring that your website’s structure remains intact, and no disruptions occur. The duration of the re-design process depends on the framework your current site is built on, as conversions may be necessary. Additionally, we consider the framework you wish to transfer to.

Note: There are rare instances when our team may decline re-design requests if they are built on frameworks we do not work with. Your project coordinator will promptly inform you if this is the case, although such occurrences are infrequent and uncommon.

We offer four options for website images and content:

  1. Provide all images and content yourself.
  2. Have your content writer, staff member, or photographer provide us with the images and content.
  3. Hire us to produce all of your content, images, etc.
  4. A mixture of the above options.

The best approach is to have custom, high-quality photos, videos, and original content. The Brand Sherpas can supply SEO-optimized content, but for personalized business information, history, or other specific content, it’s usually best that you provide it. Alternatively, you can choose a combination of approaches, where we write SEO-optimized content, you supply business-related content, and we coordinate with a videographer or photographer. This flexible approach ensures that your website is tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

At The Brand Sherpas, we offer two valuable content services for your website. We can produce rank-ready articles or have our copywriter create compelling marketing copy for your web pages. However, please note that these content services are not included in our web design package and must be ordered separately.

To explore our content creation services, simply talk to your project coordinator. They will guide you through the process and provide all the information you need. Whether you need assistance with a content strategy or require basic content for your webpages, our team is here to help. Just let your project coordinator know your requirements, and we’ll ensure your website has captivating and effective content that aligns perfectly with your goals.

The Brand Sherpas exclusively works on projects directly with clients and does not engage in partnerships with other agencies or freelancers. We do not offer ‘white label’ design, content services, or SEO services. Our focus is solely on delivering exceptional results and personalized solutions to our valued clients.

Adding extra pages to your website is a simple process. If you’ve chosen a basic website package but realize you need an additional page, like (example-webpage), just inform your project coordinator about your requirement, and they will handle the rest. The cost of additional pages varies depending on the website package you originally ordered and is priced per page.

Please be aware that ordering additional web pages may extend the project timeline, so allow some extra time for completion. Our team will efficiently integrate the new pages to ensure your website aligns perfectly with your needs and goals.

Before the live launch of your website, we’ll notify you that the site is available for your preview. If there’s anything that doesn’t quite meet your expectations, you can request a revision. At The Brand Sherpas, we prioritize your satisfaction and will diligently work to ensure you are delighted with your site. We usually offer ample revisions to achieve this, but please note that we do not provide unlimited revisions for free.

The number of revisions you can request will be specified based on the website design package you ordered. If additional revisions are needed, you have the option to purchase them. Rest assured, our goal is to create a website that perfectly reflects your vision and objectives, and we are committed to making the necessary adjustments to achieve that.

The Brand Sherpas develops website systems that are seamlessly exportable to your own hosting or can be managed and hosted by our dedicated team. Presently, we exclusively offer managed web hosting services for enhanced security and performance.

For the utmost security, customers are not allowed to directly edit their websites on our systems. This decision prioritizes both your website’s safety and simplifies your experience. Our expert team will take care of managing your account, ensuring dedicated speeds and top-notch performance.

If you wish to have editing control, your website can be exported and transferred to your hosting at any time. With us, there are no cancellation fees, and managed hosting customers enjoy free renewals and complimentary SSL certificates for added value and peace of mind.

Looking for more information?

Each website design project is unique, and timelines vary accordingly. However, as a baseline, if you order a basic website with five pages or less, and you provide all the required content and images right after signing up, we can typically have it built in less than 7 days. This scenario is rare and usually applies to clients who need very basic sites and have most of the content pre-prepared.

In most cases, websites are completed within a 30-day window, and for more extensive projects, the timeline may extend to no more than 60 days. If you are in a hurry and need everything completed quickly, feel free to inquire about expedited production when you sign up for our web design services. We are committed to delivering efficient and exceptional results, tailored to your specific requirements and deadlines.

Upon completion of your website, your project coordinator will send you a notification seeking your approval. You can then preview the site on your domain or our development server. Should you have any revision requests, simply respond, and we’ll promptly make the desired changes for your approval.

Once you are satisfied with the design, our team will initiate the live launch of your website on your domain. Additionally, any additional services ordered, such as optimizations, SEO campaigns, or content creation, will be seamlessly integrated with your website. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient process from design to launch, providing you with a website that perfectly aligns with your vision and goals.

High-quality websites differ significantly from low-quality websites in several aspects. When it comes to design, low-quality websites often rely on cookie-cutter templates with minimal custom features, failing to make your brand or business stand out. Although they may be cheaper and quicker to produce, they lack taste and struggle to convert customers or attract website traffic effectively.

Functionality is another area where low-quality websites fall short. Websites produced by website ‘mills’ are often plagued with issues such as incorrect functioning, slow loading times, errors over time, and sometimes even viruses.

On the contrary, high-quality websites are typically entirely custom-built, representing your brand or business in a professional manner that enhances customer conversions and website traffic. These websites are lightning-fast and incorporate custom functionalities that create seamless user experiences, making everything easier and more fluid.

Ultimately, the old adage holds true: you get what you pay for. High-quality websites are akin to well-crafted, reliable cars, while low-quality websites may resemble cheap, unreliable alternatives. Investing in a high-quality website ensures that you receive a professional and effective online presence that can significantly impact your business’s success.

When you purchase a website from us, rest assured that you are getting an SEO-optimized website with real substance. At The Brand Sherpas, we understand the critical role of optimization in the success of your business. That’s why we go the extra mile and provide complimentary basic optimizations to ensure your website performs exceptionally right from the start.

Our free basic optimizations are often equivalent to what some agencies charge full price for! However, it’s essential to note that an SEO-optimized website is distinct from an SEO campaign or SEO deliverables, which are separate services aimed at elevating your website’s ranking against competitors.

As we build and live-launch your website, it undergoes full optimization, encompassing key SEO factors. These include image compression, serving images in next-gen formats, using properly sized images, implementing basic on-page factors, optimizing web page cache, enhancing page speed, and much more.

For even more benefits, consider signing up for our website management services, where you can enjoy additional perks such as having your web pages served from our Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our commitment to optimization ensures that your website is set up for success, standing out from the competition and effectively boosting your online presence.

Getting started and kickstarting your website project is a breeze. Reach out to us by booking a free strategy call, and share all the essential details about your project during the meeting. Once that’s done, simply complete our client onboarding process, and your project will be set in motion! Don’t miss out on this opportunity – book your free strategy call now to get started. 

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Excited to launch your online business or enable customers to order products and services online? At The Brand Sherpas, we offer tailored solutions for building online shops and ecommerce stores to suit your specific needs. Whether you need an ecommerce platform integrated into your existing website or desire a brand-new online shop, we’ve got you covered.

To get started, please discuss the details of your ecommerce project with our team. As pricing and planning may vary based on your requirements, our experts will guide you through the process and explore the best options for your business. Let us know how we can assist you with your exciting new ecommerce venture!

We appreciate it when customers share websites they like, as it helps us understand your preferences better. If you mention a specific website (xxxxxx) that you’d like us to take inspiration from, we’ll do our best to replicate a similar yet custom design, all while respecting copyright laws.

It’s important to note that certain website features may have been developed with custom-built code, requiring significant investment. While our developers can incorporate similar features into your website, complex customizations might exceed the scope of a basic website package in terms of time and complexity.

For advanced features, we recommend upgrading to one of our top-tier plans, which can accommodate more comprehensive and customized functionalities. Rest assured, our goal is to deliver a website that aligns perfectly with your vision, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure we create a website that meets your needs and budget.

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