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Below you can find a list of frequently asked questions and their answers organized by topics.

Additionally if you still have not found the answer to your question and would like more information you can always contact us by phone or email.


General Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

For one, our agency has our own proprietary tactics and techniques that have been tried and tested. The Brand Sherpas does not use shady black hat tactics that will get your business penalized later down the road on the next google update. There are many agencies that take a cookie cutter approach and provide zero value, while charging exorbitant prices. At our agency you can expect valuable customized creative and technical work tailored to each individual campaign or project, at an affordable price.

Yes! A percentage of every sale is given to help charity. The Brand Sherpas works with veteran based and other outreach organizations to help provide food, water, and shelter for people who are in need. It’s our way of giving back and makes your project a part of that. Some of the charities and outreach organizations we donate to are : National Alliance to End Homelessness, Veteran Warrior Outreach, and Wounded Warrior Project.

The name was inspired from the ‘Sherpas’ that help mountain climbers reach the top of Mount Everest. It is the tallest mountain on Earth and one of the most difficult to climb. It takes a lot of assistance to summit and climbers cannot make it without the help of the Sherpas to help them navigate and provide help with supplies. Climbing Mount Everest is a multi step journey, and it is the climbers journey. They travel to Everest to climb to the peak. The Brand Sherpas helps brands/ businesses the same way that the Sherpas help climbers by assisting your journey with the necessary navigation, and supplies that are crucial to your digital journeys success. If they can get climbers on top of the tallest mountain on Earth, then we can get you on the top of search engines.

A digital navigator is one of The Brand Sherpas team! We have a roadmap that has helped other businesses succeed online and can also help yours do the same. Digital navigators can help you make good choices for your business online in a seemingly ever changing and competitive digital landscape.

Our team loves to build out creative projects and rank web pages in search engines. Starting with a blank page and creating a beautiful custom work of art is what we are passionate about. Taking your business from the bottom of page 2 in search results to position 1 on the first page is exciting and rewarding. When we help business owners achieve results, we are not only doing our job but are getting to help real people succeed. That is why we love what we do!

The most important thing that our agency does is helping real people get results for their business through the use of our services. This is accomplished through good communication, creative collaboration, technical prowess and being able to bring it all together seamlessly. 

Just send us an email and include your resume and position you are interested in applying for. New talent is always welcome on the team and we are always scouting for new team members as we grow as an agency. Please email your cover letter and resume to contact@thebrandsherpas.com and it will get forwarded into the right hands.

Well you can always check out our main FAQ page. You can also just send us an email or give us a call.

Client Onboarding

Most frequent questions and answers

Send us an email, give us a call or fill out the contact form. When you decide on which services you would like to order our team will send you a project proposal. Once all the proposal details and payments have been completed you will receive a welcome email from our team and will officially be in the building phase. There will be additional steps in order to fulfill any of the services that you have ordered. Examples of these may be content collection, login information, or additional questions from our team regarding your needs. Our client onboarding process is easy to navigate. Using two different services called Honey Book and Content Snare we have developed a fast tracked process to get your project started without dragging you through a complicated process full of headaches.

This will mostly depend on the type of service or project you have ordered from us. Most of the time it is just written content and images that you want to use. It can also be login information to your website or Google analytics account. For some services such as an SEO audit we just need your URL to start. For more complicated campaigns like a large web design project with ongoing SEO services it will require more information from you. Sometimes we have clients that want us to provide everything such as content, log, images and are building a brand new website and SEO, and that means that you will just be required to approve the designs as we build  it out.

Not necessarily. If you are ordering multiple services or websites within the same order then the proposal, onboarding and reporting will all be packaged under one umbrella. However, if you order a website or a service and then decide half way through that you would like to also order an additional service or website there will be a separate proposal, invoice, and onboarding process for those new orders. 

Just reach out via email to your project or campaign coordinator. You can also give us a call or send us an email. Current clients can use support@thebrandsherpas.com to get in touch for support with a service they have ordered or a managed website. If you have an emergency such as your website has a technical issue of some sort then you can always just indicate that you have an emergency in your subject line and after hours  technical support will be there to look into the issue.


Most frequent questions and answers

When you are ready to purchase a service from us then we will send you a project proposal and if you accept you can pay the invoice. The Brand Sherpas uses Honey Book to help make proposals, invoicing and payments more secure and easy. Just click the link, accept the proposal and pay the invoice, simple as that. You can even pay through your phone and use any of the major credit/ debit cards. 

Yes. Services that are on a monthly retainer  can be auto billed if you want them to. Website hosting and website management services are recommended to be put on auto billing to prevent you from having any disruptions in services. 

No. If you purchase a service from us, regardless of the service, we will not issue a refund for any reason. This is to prevent those few who hire us to build a website and then try to refund to get the site for free. However, if you are truly dissatisfied with our work and would like a refund we will always work towards a solution that you are happy with just reach out to support about your issue and our team will strive to make it right every time.

Not the monthly retainer type? No worries. You can purchase almost every service as a one time deliverable. Most services we sell are one time deliverables. Monthly SEO services are usually consisting of deliverables packaged into a monthly campaign. So if you would like to order a SEO audit, implementations and some other deliverables that is totally fine. 8 months down the road if you want to order the same package then no problem. However, it is usually more effective for some services to be provided on a monthly basis as it builds traction and traction and traction gets better results. Some services such  as website management are only offered on a monthly basis. 

Missing a payment usually only applies to website management or monthly SEO services. The Brand Sherpas requires all payments to be paid in full up front prior to beginning services. However, there are certain services that are billed on a monthly basis such as monthly SEO services and website management services. If a payment is missed then you will have 30 days to pay or service will be stopped. If the service is a SEO monthly service then we will just stop working on the campaign. If it is for monthly website management then we will stop managing the website. 

Cancelling services is easy as an email. Clients who are on auto pay and would like to stop services can simply email or call us and confirm that they would like to cancel their services. After we receive notification all services will cancelled and no more recurring billing will take place. You can always stop website management services and we will turn over your website and domain name to you free and clear, no questions asked, it’s your website. Just let us know what you want, no problem.

Nope, we do not accept cash, checks or money orders. Also, no-one has asked yet but we also will not be accepting crypto currencies. Please be prepared to pay with a credit or debit card via our payment processor. Thanks!


No, because we have migrated to only using Honey Book as our payment processor at this time. Sorry!

Website Design & Development

Most frequent questions and answers

Having a website in this day and age is not only beneficial but is absolutely essential for just about any and every industry, business or brand. Websites can help you to express what your brand is all about, the kind of products or services that your business offers and they can also be a powerful marketing platform for your brand or business. 

Absolutely! In fact requests to re-design older looking sites to a more modern design and functionality happen frequently. The process is slightly different than fresh design projects and extra attention needs to be taken in order to preserve your sites functionality and SEO rankings. Normally we will do a URL audit of all of the web pages that you will need re-designed so that the structure of your website is left intact and no disruptions will occur. Depending on what framework your current site is designed on the re-design process can be shorter or longer due to conversions. Other factors that will need to be considered are what framework you will be wanting to transfer to. Note: There are some re-design requests that our team will decline to re-design if they are built on frameworks that we do not work on, your project coordinator can inform you about this in the event it is an issue, yet this is a very rare occasion and does not occur often.

There are 4 options that exist when it comes to website images and content:

#1 Supply us with all the images and content yourself.

#2 Have your content writer, staff member, photographer provide us with the images and content.

#3 Hire us to also produce all of your content, images, etc.

# Mixture of all of the above. 

The best option is to have all custom high quality photos, videos and original content. The Brand Sherpas can supply SEO optimized content yet when it comes to your personalized business information, history or other content it usually is best that this is supplied by you. If you would like to do a mixture of these things such as have us write SEO optimized content, supply specific business or brand related content yourself and have us coordinate with a videographer or photographer that is great and it’s how many projects seem to go.

The Brand Sherpas are able to produce rank ready articles for your website or have our copywriter create marketing copy for your website pages. However, this is not included in our web design services and must be ordered, as it is a separate service. Talking with your project coordinator about our content creation services is all you need to do. If you are interested in getting help coming up with a content strategy for your website or need some help getting basic content for your webpages just let them know.

No, The Brand Sherpas does not take on projects for other agencies or freelancers and does not perform ‘white label’ design projects, white label content services or white label SEO services.

Extra pages for your website is easy to order. Let’s say you ordered a basic website package and decided halfway through the project that you also need an additional page designed for (example-webpage), just tell your project coordinator what you need and pay the invoice. Additional pages range in price depending on what website package you had ordered and are priced per page. Allow additional time for your project to be completed when ordering additional web pages.

before your website is live launched you will be notified that the site is available for your preview. If something is not quite to your liking then you can request to have a revision. The brand Sherpas will usually work hard to make sure you are completely happy with your site and will often allow ample revisions to accomplish this. However, we do not offer unlimited revisions for free. the amount of revisions that you can request will be outlined based upon your website design package that you ordered. Additionally you can purchase more website revisions if it is needed.

Every website design project is unique. So timelines are also unique as well. However as a base line if you order a basic website that is 5 pages or less and you provide all of the content and images that are needed right after you sign up then we can get it built in less than 7 days. This  is a rare case though and is usually only possible for those who need very basic sites and have everything mostly pre-prepared. The most common use case we see is that sites get completed within a 30 day window and no more than 60 days for very larger projects. If you are in a rush and really need everything completed quickly, ask us about expedited production when you sign up for web design services.

Once the site is completed you will receive a notification from your project coordinator asking for your approval. The site will then be available for you to preview on your domain or our development server. You can respond back about revisions that you would like  made or approve the design. Revision requests will be honored and sent for your approval in a similar fashion. Upon acceptance of the design, our team will initiate live launch of your website to your domain and begin any additional services ordered that are tied to your website such as optimizations or SEO campaigns and content creation.

There is a multitude of differences that separate high quality websites from low quality websites. In respects to design, a low quality website is usually a cookie cutter template that has little to no custom features. These types of sites do not allow your brand or business to stand out. While often cheap and quickly produced they lack taste and do not tend to convert customers or website traffic well. Functionality can also be a another low quality and ‘dirt cheap’ website issue. Low quality websites that are produced by many website ‘mills’ do not function correctly and are slow, lagging, produce errors over time and sometimes can contain viruses. High quality websites on the other hand are often completely custom built and represent the brand or business in a professional manner that helps to convert website traffic and customers. High quality websites are usually lightning fast and have custom functionality for your users to make everything easier and more fluid. Overall you get what you pay for. $400 dollar cars are very different than $4000 dollar cars.

When you buy a website from us you will always be buying an SEO optimized website. This is not fluff either! The Brand Sherpas knows that if we build you a website and it is not optimized it will not help your business succeed. That is why we optimize the website complimentary for you with basic optimizations to ensure it is able to perform well right out of the box. Our basic free optimizations are sometimes equivalent to some agencies FULL PRICED optimizations! However, an SEO optimized website is not the same as an SEO campaign or SEO deliverables and should not be confused. Those are separate services and products that operate on different levels to rank your website higher over competition. After your website is built, it will be FULLY optimized as it is being live launched. This includes a list of most basic SEO factors such as: Image compression, images served in next gen formats, properly sized images, basic on-page factors, web page cache and  page speed optimizations, as well as many more. *If you sign up for website management, you will receive many more benefits such as having your web pages served from our CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Ordering a website is a pretty easy process. Just contact us via email, telephone, or  use the contact form. Include all of the relevant information about your project and a member of our team will respond back and schedule a free strategy call with you to discuss your project. After that just complete our client onbaording process and your project will begin!

Want to start an online business selling your products or offer your  customers the ability to order products and services online as an alternative to your physical location? the Brand Sherpas can build you a online shop or ecommerce store from scratch or add one on to your existing website. There are options for sites using WordPress as well as sites built solely on code. Just ask us about your options and let us know how we can help with your new ecommerce project. 

Sometimes we get requests from  customers who want to have their site built similar to a website they like. There is nothing wrong with using other sites as inspiration, and it can also help us to understand more about what you want. However, The Brand Sherpas does not ‘clone’ sites because that is considered copyright infringement. If you mentionthatyouwould like us to build a website similar to xxxxxx then we will  try our best to replicate a similar yet custom design of those features that you liked while respecting copyright laws. Please keep in mind that some features that exist on websites are built with custom built code and may have cost thousands of dollars to produce. our developers can add similar features into your website but we cannot accommodate building customized complex features into a basic website package due to time and complexity. For some features you would be required to upgrade your website design and development package to one of our top tier plans.

Website Management & Hosting

Most frequent questions and answers

Website management services pricing varies depending on what plan you select. The plan you select will identify what level of service you are provided every month and the amount of edits you can request per month. Pricing ranges from as low as $35 per month for our most basic level and goes as high as as $100 per month for full service and maximum edits. You can always down grade, upgrade or cancel at anytime. The Brand Sherpas will always release your website to you free and clear, hassle free if you decide to cancel. Companies who hold websites hostage or charge for doing nothing should not be in business. It is your website! If you have multiple sites, or a network of sites, we also offer custom pricing to manage them as a batch and discount multiple site management plans considerably from individual pricing. 

Yes. If you  sign up for website management services, you do not need to worry about maintaining your hosting plan, SSL certificates, or domain name renewals. There is a set up fee when you sign up, but after that as long as you pay your monthly bill, then The Brand Sherpas will make sure all of the renewals are covered. Website management is designed to make your life easier. All of your technical stuff is covered through us and we are available to help you make edits and monitor the site to keep it secure. Customers on a management plan enjoy other features as well such as: page caching, speed optimizations and CDN (Content Delivery Network) at no extra cost.

Security is a important concern especially for an ecommerce store. Websites are constantly being ‘hacked’ and there is ‘bots’ running around trying to crack passwords to gain access into sites. Having very simple security measures put into place can stop most of these brute force attacks and keep your site secure and safe for your business and customers. Security features are included with website management services and staff keeps an eye on your site to make sure that it stays protected. SSL certificates which help keep your site secure and are a Google ranking factor, are also included in your managed website service plan free of charge.

  • Basic plans can receive 5 edits per  month.
  • Standard plans receive up to 8 edits per month.
  • Top level plans can request up to 15 edits per month.

Web edits are something you want to change on your site like button colors, what a call to action says, email address or name changes, or replace some keywords with different words. However, there is a limit to what we consider a basic web edit and what  is considered website re-design. Website re-design is charged differently and constitutes a dramatic change of website images across a page, changes in layout and core functionalities. If you are wanting to re-designa page just let us know. Web edits are just there to get some basic changes done like updates of information, colors, or images. 

Blogging falls under content creation and is not included in website management services. You can sign up for content creation services if you would like to add content to your site. You can use your web edits to change things on pages you already have created, this includes your blog posts.

If we are managing a website that is hosted on our servers then we will hand over the domain and all content to you hassle free no questions asked. There is no cancellation fee. However, you will be responsible to have the technical knowledge to move the domain and web content to a new domain registrar and hosting plan. This is something we do not assist with. Transferring the domain to your new registrar will need to be completed on our end with your assistance and is not terribly difficult but we do not assist with the technical side on your end.

The Brand Sherpas recommends that clients utilize their website management services and have our developers make any changes for them. In the event that you require that editing is performed by you, you will be responsible for anything that breaks. Our developers cannot fix your site for free if you break it, so please consider this before requesting to make changes yourself.

Just sign up for website management services and we will take care of everything! All you need to do is make sure your monthly bill is paid on time to avoid service disruption. Optionally, customers can easily sign up for auto pay to make things even easier.

Search Engine Optimization/ SEO

Most frequent questions and answers

SEO is abbreviated for search engine optimization. It is a process of research and analysis tailored towards refining your websites ability to rank higher in search engine results. The process of proper SEO includes many facets that allow the technician to come up with a custom strategy that is designed around analytics, competitor research, and performance based  optimizations. SEO helps get your website better search visibility organically.

SEO is a long game type of strategy. Any SEO agency that guarantees fast results is probably using ‘black hat methods’ that will eventually get your website penalized and will be discovered eventually. True sustainable SEO takes time to implement and to see results. Timelines are a factor best calculated by the current benchmark your website is positioned at, as well as how competitive the keywords are that you are targeting. Much of SEO involves on-going optimizations and A-B testing to get the correct results. However, in very low competition spaces and with the right domain authority in place, SEO can show quick results.

The process of SEO makes sure that every factor is in line and your website is performing in top shape. Businesses compete online for customers through search engine results placement. Most of the time the business that wins the 1st place result or at least shows up in the top 10 results for a target keyword, gets the customer. If you can effectively target the correct keywords in your SEO campaign and win those top positions, you can get more customers to your business if you have a good conversion strategy in place. SEO makes this happen along with SEO based web design principles.

Much like getting your business more  customers through SEO lead generation strategies, it can also help you to develop better brand awareness as well. Targeting brand related keywords or industry related topics and positioning yourself as an authority with SEO optimized content is one way to accomplish this. Content that ranks well and gets traffic is a great way to show off your brand as a authority in your space and helps foster trust and familiarity with your target customers.

The old saying: “If it is too good to be true then…”

Any respectable SEO company cannot hope to perform full fledged SEO services for pennies on the dollar. The tools required to do SEO can cost thousands of dollars each month. More than likely, companies, many of which based in foreign third world countries, offer SEO services for cheap and perform low quality basic optimizations that do not get results. However, be warned that many operate using black hat techniques that can seem to get results quickly but may not last more than a few days. By the time you have paid them, you soon realize that the results are not only gone, but now your website is also penalized and your brand’s reputation is tarnished online! Stay clear from link farms, black hat techniques, fast results and false promises and you should be safe. Similarly watch out for companies that over charge for their  services yet provide little value.

Monthly campaigns are different than one-time SEO service deliverables. When you signup for a monthly campaign each month the optimizations from the previous month will be reviewed and adjustments will be made to improve the results of the campaign. This is accomplished by continually auditing and optimizing, including split testing, ongoing competitor and keyword research and SEO optimized content creation strategies. Campaign factors such as link building, social signals, press releases or similar off page techniques will be pursued if it is in line with your monthly package. Basic, Standard or Top level.

Karate, BJJ, Muay Thai, or Taekwondo? Like martial-arts there are many different styles of online marketing. Some styles may be better suited to some businesses and brands. However, SEO has one great advantage that none of the other marketing styles have: Organic targeted placement. For local and national businesses models this can be probably one of the best routes. Once you obtain a ranking you can;’t guarentee that you will just remain there for all time. SEO is ongoing and needs to be continued to in order to hold your positions. However, when you turn off the Facebook, Google or YouTube Ads everything just stops cold. SEO needs to be maintained, however, in many cases unless a competitor really wants to come in and go after that keyword, you may remain ranking highly without maintenance. It depends on the competitiveness of your space and industry. Many people trust organic listings over listings displayed in the Ads section, and many people find social media ads to be intrusive and annoying. When a customer searches for something they are interested in and  finds your business, you have a high chance of conversion. SEO can provide your company with long lasting results that produce organic natural conversions.

Proper performed SEO works very very well. It has to be done right. Like many things if something is done poorly it will look or preform poorly. However, if it is truly done with proper initiative and expertise then it can generate amazing results. if you are looking for a solid online marketing strategy for your business then SEO can work to help you get more customers and increase your brands awareness and online reputation.

Real SEO is data based. ‘Guess’eo is based on guessing and hoping something will work. People who don’t know how to do proper SEO end up doing a lot of guessing. They don’t collect the right data, they don’t know how to organize the data, and therefore they have nothing but hunches to go off of when making decisions about what to optimize and why it needs to be optimized. Real SEO pulls data in a systemized structured manner as outlined in an agency’s standard operating procedures, and is organized in a certain way to be analyzed. That data is used to make decisions based on real world factors regarding what needs to be optimized and how it will need to be optimized. SEO is not a one off type of thing. It requires more data to be gathered and further optimizations to be made afterward. This is how real SEO results are achieved and anyone who says differently is either trying to sell fake services or doing Guesseo.

Optimized websites are lightning fast and have every single on-page SEO factor on par. They are compliant to Google guidelines and SEO best practices. They do not use any ‘black hat fly by night’ methods. Overall they are very efficient, effective and well looked after sites that are built to perform well in search engines. SEO optimized websites are designed to drive and  convert web traffic into customers.

No. The Brand Sherpas utilizes their own in house SEO technicians, and copy writers to fulfill it’s services. However, there are some companies that we partner with to perform specific task such as citation building and other microservices. These companies are reputable and frequently used by us to fulfill micro services which is customary in this industry as they are small tasks that they specialize in. The Brand Sherpas will never outsource our services. This ensures quality of our services and our reputation.

Good examples of a one-time SEO service deliverable, is a technical SEO audit and implementations ( fixes ). Another example would be be a content audit, and creation of 20 pieces of targeted content for your website. These services and other services like them, are designed to be accomplished as a one-time purchase instead of a recurring retainer or ongoing campaign. However, you can buy them every month, alternatively, you can also buy an SEO campaign for one month if  you want to get a lot of work done and follow up at a different time with a different service or another month of SEO services. There is the ability for a lot of mix and match, and many options for almost anyone of any budget to get started. There are options for people who like those monthly campaigns and people who want to get one time deliverables as they can afford them. Simply ask your project coordinator what your best options are based on your budget, your goals, and preferences.

Technical SEO Auditing

Most frequent questions and answers

Technical SEO audits are designed to find everything that is underperforming on every single webpage on your website. It is the first thing that needs to be done to start building out SEO campaigns and is a crucial part of actually achieving higher visibility in search engine result pages. Thousands of different data points are collected from your website and organized into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is analyzed by one of our in house SEO technicians and a report is generated from the data. Technical SEO audits are very in depth and dig into the core of all of your websites data, performance issues, and off page metrics. Some of the off page factors that are researched during your technical SEO audit are backlink profile, competitor and keyword analysis, and other metrics and data that are considered core ranking factors.

Normally it takes anywhere to 10-15 hours to complete the audit. Our team usually  has the report ready for you in as little as 48 hours from the time you sign up. Your report will come with a free consult about what needs to be fixed and the option to have everything fixed by one of our technicians. The fixes, or  implementations, as we like to call them are a separate service. If your website is a large site please expect that your audit will take longer to get completed, sometimes up to one week for larger sites.

You will find out everything that is under performing with your website. Additionally you will have a complete list of stats/metrics, keyword analysis and competitor analysis to go with it. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you with a huge list of raw data that you need to analyze, every audit comes with a detailed report of our findings and analysis organized and simply explained for you to review. the audit also comes with a free strategy call to help you understand it  better and with a option to get everything fixed if you want.

After your audit is complete you can choose  to utilize a free strategy call regarding your SEO audit within 30 days. Normally the best plan of action after an SEO audit is to order the implementations ( fixes ). This means that you hire us to fix all of the on-page and sometimes off-page factors that are preventing you from higher rankings and a better performing website. This is a separate service that varies in price depending on the complexity and magnitude of the project.

If you are operating in a very competitive industry/ location then it is wise to keep a close eye on your performance and stats. This doesn’t mean that every month you need to perform an audit. Regular auditing can help you achieve better results but is not going to be effective if everything was thoroughly audited and fixed. Instead of auditing every month, it would be more effective to utilize a monthly SEO campaign. Audits are designed to deep clean and analyze, so if you already have done that, it may not be necessary to do it again for a few months and in some cases 6 months. SEO monthly campaigns or deliverables would be  better suited for a business that has recently completed an audit and implementations, as it will allow you to build out new ground on a now well performing website. Every 6  months is a good time frame to re-audit your website. 

You will be provided with a report containing all of our findings and the data that was collected. You can also utilize a complimentary strategy call regarding your audit within 30 days. All you need to view the SEO audit report results is a PDF reader on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Additionally, having access to Excel is helpful if you would like to view the data in a spreadsheet format. Reports are delivered by email. 

There is a lot of websites on the internet that offer a free SEO analysis of your websites performance, returning at best, results containing a surface summary of common attributes. These websites pull data from search engine results and use automated software or algorithms to make a guess analysis of your websites performance. The problem with this type of analysis is that they do not actually audit your website. Real audits can only be performed by humans. Real audits are analyzed by a human and not a robot. Robots cannot perform technical SEO audits, and substituting a technical audit with a free analysis is like substituting going to the doctor with a tele med appointment via chat with a robot. You probably would not stake your health on the opinion of a robot, operating on a algorithm, so why stake your business on something similar? There is nothing wrong with using a free analysis to get clues to what is going on with your website. Just remember that they are very different than a real in depth technical SEO audit and can also contain skewed data that is not only incomplete but is also analyzed by an algorithm or bot script. Often times they are outdated and do not even have relevance to modern SEO practices.

Technical SEO audits can help your business by creating a ‘baseline’ or ‘benchmark’ snapshot of your websites current performance. This benchmarking data is important for understanding where you are currently at and how far away you are from your goals. Audits can also give you a clear road map on how to get started on the correct path to achieving your goals. They can offer valuable insights about ways to improve your websites performance, increase domain authority, topical relevancy, and numerous factors that directly correlate with your websites ability to rank higher in search than your competitors. Through utilizing SEO audits you can determine what needs to be done to improve and by implementing the proper factors into your campaign you can ultimately increase your Return On Investment ( ROI ).

Everything! Full in-depth audits take anything and everything into account. Some examples of things we look at are topical relevancy for all of your content, URL structures, page speed, on-page factors, and lots of on-page factors like backlink profile, competitor profiles, and even things that have to do with trends in your industry. These data points as well as hundreds more are then compiled into segments, checked against current search engine update parameters and thoroughly analyzed by an SEO technician to organize everything into a understandable report. The report is also accompanied by a list everything that needs to be fixed and implemented to optimize your website.

Normally everything can be fixed, implemented and optimized. The separate service of doing this is not included with the purchase of the audit. However, some things discovered within the audit may also warrant an SEO campaign to fix, other things such as on-page or various off-page factors could require a one-time SEO deliverable product like citations for example. 98% of the time though everything can be successfully implemented, fixed, or optimized and produces terrific results almost immediately.

Yes, and they should be. If you want to do another audit the following month to make sure everything in is order we will usually discount your audit by 50% because most of the data should still be relevant and we already have you in our system. If we have done the implementations for you then you should be seeing some new found positive results. The discount will usually be honored up to about 3 months after your 1st audit. If the audit is 4 months to six months down the road it will be full price again due to the fact that everything will need to be thoroughly checked. There will have been dramatic market shifts and search engine results shifts as well as multitude’s of factors that will need to be re-audited, such as: competitors, keywords, content performance, on-page metrics, off-page metrics, etc. Offering a 50% discount on an upkeep audit is a way of saying thank you for being a customer, we don’t aim to over charge our clients and try to make pricing affordable and based on the actual time spent to deliver the service.

Please contact your project coordinator that provided you with the audit results. He/ she will be able to give you advice about your audit results. Simply contact them by email, or utilize the free strategy call within 30 days of receiving your audit results. On the strategy call they will be able to go over the audit results with you over the phone and answer your questions in real time. If you have the capability and the desire they can also initiate a screen share with you to help you understand better through visualization.

Content Auditing & Content Creation

Most frequent questions and answers

Content audits are similar to  an in-depth technical SEO audit, except they are tailored to only focus on your website’s content only. During a content audit every piece of content associated with your website will be analyzed thoroughly and will be graded.

Content audits can give you a granular hyper focused birds eye view of your websites content and analyze what is working and what is not working. It also tells you why individual content is underperforming, not performing at all or how your entire content strategy is doing. Much of the time when a content audit is completed we discover that pages are not topically relevant, missing essential keyword terms, not practicing proper exclusion principles, or have no proper structure or interlinking mechanisms. Yikes! That’s bad SEO! Content audits that come back with bad grades usually are not ranking well in search results, or could rank better.

Reviewing the content audit results and using your free strategy call to discuss the results with your project coordinator is the first thing to do after a content audit. The next step is getting all of your content optimized correctly, developing a solid content strategy and then following through on your content strategy by creating new content that is optimized to rank in search engines.

Of course! The Brand Sherpas takes great pride in developing effective content strategies for our customers and helping businesses get on the right path to reaching their goals online. If you have already ordered a content audit then talk to your project coordinator about developing a content strategy and how to get started.

Content audits also include competition research analysis. However, to have an in-depth competitor analysis you will need order a technical SEO audit as it is much more detailed. The competition analysis that is done in a content audit is primarily a analysis of a competing piece of content ion relationship to your target keywords that your webpage is trying to target. While you will be provided with analysis of a competing webpage the content audit will not dig deeper into the actual competitor as a whole. Much of the content auditing aims to compare your content with webpages that are ranking higher in search than your webpage and analyze why that may be. Due to the fact that this is already very time consuming we cannot provide detailed analysis of every competitor for every piece of content you are having audited. rest assured that the content audit is thoroughly taking into account your competitors, just on a basis that is directly related to the content being audited and the keywords associated with it.

In regards to photos and images that are needed for creating your content, (for those who have ordered a content audit and would like to pursue content strategy and content creation services) we ask that you provide all of the images, photos or information that you would like included through our content gathering system called Content Snare, a project coordinator will explain how it works and how to get started. If you prefer that we use stock images, then please tell your project coordinator that stock images will be used and we will do our best to find ones that will meet your requirements.

Yes, it is a hyper focused version of a SEO audit. They are similar due to the fact that they are both audits. However, the difference is that it is only auditing your content. 

Content audits are the same price as a technical SEO audit. Pricing can also be higher or lower depending on the size of your website or how many pages of content you have. There is always a baseline minimum, amount we charge to do audits and that is $297.

If you would like to sign up for content creation services and have our agency write and publish all of the content please let us know. Our agency is designed to be able to perform every aspect of a solid content marketing strategy such as auditing, startegy development, and content creation and optimizations.

The content is written by our in house copywriters. Content written by them is optimized by our SEO technicians. Additionally our designers may also be involved if custom images need to be modified or created in certain circumstances. Content is never outsourced to ensure quality control and efficiency.

Yes, all of our writers are professional copywriters and bloggers. They have a very good understanding of SEO and can write SEO optimized content. Additionally our SEO’s will make sure that the content is correctly optimized as well. Our writers will be familiar with your campaign, this is why we use in house writers to make sure there is familiarity.

The content will be designed to rank in search based upon your content audit results as well as your content marketing strategy goals. However, we never guarantee rankings. Any company who guarantees rankings must be also working for Google. There are many factors that can also influence whether or not a piece of content ranks in search for a targeted keyword. Some of those factors cannot be controlled by our agency. Your content will have the best chance of ranking highly in search but will not be guaranteed any type of position in search results. Websites that have more authority than you may not be able to be outranked and might require other SEO campaigns ( and time ) to outrank. Our agency is upfront about this with our clients and never promises results that cannot be promised. Many agencies promise results so that they can win more clients, we would rather just be honest and do the very best that can be done for your business.

Local SEO & Google My Business

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. through the process of developing a solid foundation and pursuing a local SEO campaign we can help to rank your business in Google Maps. and local search results.

The answer to this question is very dependent one numerous factors. Timelines will be dependent on what your current benchmark is, the difficulty of your location and industry, how much competition you have and how well invested into SEO your competition is. If you you in a very competitive space with all of your competition heavily invested into local SEO campaigns then it will take much more concentrated effort and time to bring you up to higher placements. However, if you are in a non competitive space then it may be fairly easy to get you into the top positions. It all depends on where you are currently at and how much competition you have. These factors will determine everything.

The Brand Sherpas uses zero black hat methods and stays clear away from anything that will harm your website, GMB listing, business and online reputation. Every aspect of our provided services falls under SEO best practices and Google guidelines. The reason that things are done this way at our agency is to produce real results that provide sustainability for your business in the long run.

Our team will need access to your Google Analytics account, Google Search Console account, Google My Business account, your website connected to these accounts and any other relevant information that will go into your campaigns or services.

Local SEO is vital to getting your business customers. Especially when almost all businesses now have a website and compete for online traffic to drive customers to choose their business over others. Local SEO helps your business develop a higher visibility in search and offers the ability to create more brand awareness in your location. Having your business rank highly in search can be a necessity to getting more customers. When you are looking for business locally do you search for them online first?

The Brand Sherpas prefers to work with clients who have not partaken in black hat methods. Black hat methodologies often tend to produce penalties and suspensions. These penalties and suspensions can be long lasting, permanent or detrimental to ever regaining ground in local search. That is why we do not offer services centered around fixing these problems and avoid getting our clients into these situations. If you are looking to start fresh because your business has suffered a penalty or your Google My Business listing has been suspended, then we can help you get a new campaign launched.

Of course! It is common for local businesses to have multiple locations and thus multiple listings. The Brand Sherpas can manage all of your listings and incorporate them into your local SEO campaign strategy.

Start-up businesses can benefit from hiring our agency because we can help you get started on the right track from the very beginning. Before starting a local SEO campaign you will first need to sign up for web design services and possibly some content creation and basic SEO services. After you have built a solid foundation we can start pursuing a local SEO strategy that will help get your start-up business higher visibility in local search.


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