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The Brand sherpas takes brands to the next level

"Our agency aims to operate as digital navigators for all of our clients online and marketing needs. Guiding them along the correct path digitally, to accomplish their goals. The work our team does online for them has tremendous results for their business in the real world. Utilizing technical skillsets and tactical design, getting your brand to the top in a competitive digital environment is what we are equipped for."

— Brian Higgins


A Little About Who We Are

The Brand Sherpas is a dedicated team of web designers, web developers, internet marketing professionals, search engine optimization technicians, copywriters, and an acting digital navigator for local, national and international businesses and brands. 

Operating with integrity and working passionately, to bring about profound results for their clients, by utilizing effective marketing tactics and creative talent in a cohesive streamlined approach. Every member of The Brand Sherpas team is passionate about helping your business grow and reach success!

When you join us, we join you on YOUR journey. Expect to be treated with respect, not like another number in a system, because every project/person/business/brand is unique, and deserves personalized attention. 

At our agency we believe that the best results come from clear communication, hard work, and dedication.

If you are looking for an agency that does not cut corners or offer cookie cutter solutions, you found us!


General Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

For one, our agency has our own proprietary tactics and techniques that have been tried and tested. The Brand Sherpas does not use shady black hat tactics that will get your business penalized later down the road on the next google update. There are many agencies that take a cookie cutter approach and provide zero value, while charging exorbitant prices. At our agency you can expect valuable customized creative and technical work tailored to each individual campaign or project, at an affordable price.

Yes! A percentage of every sale is given to help charity. The Brand Sherpas works with veteran based and other outreach organizations to help provide food, water, and shelter for people who are in need. It’s our way of giving back and makes your project a part of that. Some of the charities and outreach organizations we donate to are : National Alliance to End Homelessness, Veteran Warrior Outreach, and Wounded Warrior Project.

The name was inspired from the ‘Sherpas’ that help mountain climbers reach the top of Mount Everest. It is the tallest mountain on Earth and one of the most difficult to climb. It takes a lot of assistance to summit and climbers cannot make it without the help of the Sherpas to help them navigate and provide help with supplies. Climbing Mount Everest is a multi step journey, and it is the climbers journey. They travel to Everest to climb to the peak. The Brand Sherpas helps brands/ businesses the same way that the Sherpas help climbers by assisting your journey with the necessary navigation, and supplies that are crucial to your digital journeys success. If they can get climbers on top of the tallest mountain on Earth, then we can get you on the top of search engines.

A digital navigator is one of The Brand Sherpas team! We have a roadmap that has helped other businesses succeed online and can also help yours do the same. Digital navigators can help you make good choices for your business online in a seemingly ever changing and competitive digital landscape.

Our team loves to build out creative projects and rank web pages in search engines. Starting with a blank page and creating a beautiful custom work of art is what we are passionate about. Taking your business from the bottom of page 2 in search results to position 1 on the first page is exciting and rewarding. When we help business owners achieve results, we are not only doing our job but are getting to help real people succeed. That is why we love what we do!

The most important thing that our agency does is helping real people get results for their business through the use of our services. This is accomplished through good communication, creative collaboration, technical prowess and being able to bring it all together seamlessly. 

Just send us an email and include your resume and position you are interested in applying for. New talent is always welcome on the team and we are always scouting for new team members as we grow as an agency. Please email your cover letter and resume to contact@thebrandsherpas.com and it will get forwarded into the right hands.

Well you can always check out our main FAQ page. You can also just send us an email or give us a call.

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