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White hat approach and Google best practices in mind, the goal is simple. Get your business more customers, conversions, and Return On Investment as quick as possible while making sure your journey is optimized for the long run. Don’t let your competitors dominate your business in search results. 

The Brand Sherpas can help your brand or business climb to the top of search engines utilizing tactical white hat SEO strategies that get real results.

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Bench Marking Your Current Positioning

Initial Research Analysis Is Just The Start Of Your SEO Campaign

Benchmarking is the equivalent of taking a snapshot of your website’s performance, metrics and relevant data that serves as a starting point for your SEO campaign. This is accomplished through performing a technical SEO audit of your website. Coupled with proper keyword research to give us a magnified understanding of the competitiveness around your campaigns target keywords. Keyword research also helps us later when content strategies and content creation come into play. The keyword research will be used in developing keyword clusters, topical relevancy guidelines, page silos, and linking mechanisms.

Technical SEO Audits = Your Solid Foundation And A Competitive Edge

Implementing Optimizations For Every Underperforming Factor Discovered

One of the most important steps to getting real results with SEO, is to make sure that your website operating at peak performance and all relevant data is gathered. This data aids our team when performing SEO services for you. Technical audits and implementations (optimizing underperforming variables) equip your website with the strong foundation that is necessary to ensure the biggest impact of any SEO services provided to you in your campaign. Your SEO campaign will include monthly auditing and implementation optimizations to make sure that your website stays on point and ahead of competitors.

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Consistent Competitor Analysis Combined With Tactical Off-Page Strategies

Competitors are the websites that are trying to rank for the same keywords that your website is targeting. In your SEO campaign, our team will be keeping an eye on your competitors, monitoring their movements and studying their tactics. This continual process of spying on your competitors is a crucial part of SEO campaigns and will keep a clear view of who we are beating in search and others still yet to beat. The great part of having an SEO agency operating for you monthly is that competitor analysis as well as many other metric based variables are being built and monitored every week. Data driven optimizations are much more powerful than one time deliverables because they allow your website to adapt and adjust as new data comes in, building more and more traction as time progresses. Utilizing tactical off-page strategy techniques, we can build out a fortress of assets that will make your campaign very difficult to overcome for your competitors.

Optimized Content Strategies = Keyword Research + Topic Clustering

Everything Works Fluidly As A System

Every SEO campaign includes a content marketing strategy and content creation services. Content will be created based on your content strategy and content that was already created will be reviewed and optimized if necessary. Content auditing is also included in your campaign. When you sign up for a monthly SEO package you get every SEO service that we offer in one package. This means that every month our team will be auditing your website/content, making continual optimizations to ensure it’s performance, and building off-page variables that will greatly aid in ranking your website higher. SEO takes time, especially if you are in a competitive industry, but is very effective once it gains traction.  

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Helping Your Business

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Custom SEO Campaign/ Full Service

$1,500+/ Per Month

$1,500+/ Per Month

*Requires prior purchase of a technical SEO audit and implementations to start


Search Engine Optimization/ SEO

Most frequent questions and answers

SEO is abbreviated for search engine optimization. It is a process of research and analysis tailored towards refining your websites ability to rank higher in search engine results. The process of proper SEO includes many facets that allow the technician to come up with a custom strategy that is designed around analytics, competitor research, and performance based  optimizations. SEO helps get your website better search visibility organically.

SEO is a long game type of strategy. Any SEO agency that guarantees fast results is probably using ‘black hat methods’ that will eventually get your website penalized and will be discovered eventually. True sustainable SEO takes time to implement and to see results. Timelines are a factor best calculated by the current benchmark your website is positioned at, as well as how competitive the keywords are that you are targeting. Much of SEO involves on-going optimizations and A-B testing to get the correct results. However, in very low competition spaces and with the right domain authority in place, SEO can show quick results.

The process of SEO makes sure that every factor is in line and your website is performing in top shape. Businesses compete online for customers through search engine results placement. Most of the time the business that wins the 1st place result or at least shows up in the top 10 results for a target keyword, gets the customer. If you can effectively target the correct keywords in your SEO campaign and win those top positions, you can get more customers to your business if you have a good conversion strategy in place. SEO makes this happen along with SEO based web design principles.

Much like getting your business more  customers through SEO lead generation strategies, it can also help you to develop better brand awareness as well. Targeting brand related keywords or industry related topics and positioning yourself as an authority with SEO optimized content is one way to accomplish this. Content that ranks well and gets traffic is a great way to show off your brand as a authority in your space and helps foster trust and familiarity with your target customers.

The old saying: “If it is too good to be true then…”

Any respectable SEO company cannot hope to perform full fledged SEO services for pennies on the dollar. The tools required to do SEO can cost thousands of dollars each month. More than likely, companies, many of which based in foreign third world countries, offer SEO services for cheap and perform low quality basic optimizations that do not get results. However, be warned that many operate using black hat techniques that can seem to get results quickly but may not last more than a few days. By the time you have paid them, you soon realize that the results are not only gone, but now your website is also penalized and your brand’s reputation is tarnished online! Stay clear from link farms, black hat techniques, fast results and false promises and you should be safe. Similarly watch out for companies that over charge for their  services yet provide little value.

Monthly campaigns are different than one-time SEO service deliverables. When you signup for a monthly campaign each month the optimizations from the previous month will be reviewed and adjustments will be made to improve the results of the campaign. This is accomplished by continually auditing and optimizing, including split testing, ongoing competitor and keyword research and SEO optimized content creation strategies. Campaign factors such as link building, social signals, press releases or similar off page techniques will be pursued if it is in line with your monthly package. Basic, Standard or Top level.

Looking for more information?

Karate, BJJ, Muay Thai, or Taekwondo? Like martial-arts there are many different styles of online marketing. Some styles may be better suited to some businesses and brands. However, SEO has one great advantage that none of the other marketing styles have: Organic targeted placement. For local and national businesses models this can be probably one of the best routes. Once you obtain a ranking you can;’t guarentee that you will just remain there for all time. SEO is ongoing and needs to be continued to in order to hold your positions. However, when you turn off the Facebook, Google or YouTube Ads everything just stops cold. SEO needs to be maintained, however, in many cases unless a competitor really wants to come in and go after that keyword, you may remain ranking highly without maintenance. It depends on the competitiveness of your space and industry. Many people trust organic listings over listings displayed in the Ads section, and many people find social media ads to be intrusive and annoying. When a customer searches for something they are interested in and  finds your business, you have a high chance of conversion. SEO can provide your company with long lasting results that produce organic natural conversions.

Proper performed SEO works very very well. It has to be done right. Like many things if something is done poorly it will look or preform poorly. However, if it is truly done with proper initiative and expertise then it can generate amazing results. if you are looking for a solid online marketing strategy for your business then SEO can work to help you get more customers and increase your brands awareness and online reputation.

Real SEO is data based. ‘Guess’eo is based on guessing and hoping something will work. People who don’t know how to do proper SEO end up doing a lot of guessing. They don’t collect the right data, they don’t know how to organize the data, and therefore they have nothing but hunches to go off of when making decisions about what to optimize and why it needs to be optimized. Real SEO pulls data in a systemized structured manner as outlined in an agency’s standard operating procedures, and is organized in a certain way to be analyzed. That data is used to make decisions based on real world factors regarding what needs to be optimized and how it will need to be optimized. SEO is not a one off type of thing. It requires more data to be gathered and further optimizations to be made afterward. This is how real SEO results are achieved and anyone who says differently is either trying to sell fake services or doing Guesseo.

Optimized websites are lightning fast and have every single on-page SEO factor on par. They are compliant to Google guidelines and SEO best practices. They do not use any ‘black hat fly by night’ methods. Overall they are very efficient, effective and well looked after sites that are built to perform well in search engines. SEO optimized websites are designed to drive and  convert web traffic into customers.

No. The Brand Sherpas utilizes their own in house SEO technicians, and copy writers to fulfill it’s services. However, there are some companies that we partner with to perform specific task such as citation building and other microservices. These companies are reputable and frequently used by us to fulfill micro services which is customary in this industry as they are small tasks that they specialize in. The Brand Sherpas will never outsource our services. This ensures quality of our services and our reputation.

Good examples of a one-time SEO service deliverable, is a technical SEO audit and implementations ( fixes ). Another example would be be a content audit, and creation of 20 pieces of targeted content for your website. These services and other services like them, are designed to be accomplished as a one-time purchase instead of a recurring retainer or ongoing campaign. However, you can buy them every month, alternatively, you can also buy an SEO campaign for one month if  you want to get a lot of work done and follow up at a different time with a different service or another month of SEO services. There is the ability for a lot of mix and match, and many options for almost anyone of any budget to get started. There are options for people who like those monthly campaigns and people who want to get one time deliverables as they can afford them. Simply ask your project coordinator what your best options are based on your budget, your goals, and preferences.


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