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The Brand Sherpas are dedicated to delivering results through meticulous technical analysis and implementing performance-based optimizations. We steer clear of fluff, magic tricks, and excuses, aiming to guide you all the way to the top.

While many claim to local listing analysis, a large portion only scratches the surface, often driven by inaccurate tracking tools and tecniques. At The Brand Sherpas, we steer clear of cutting corners and take a data-driven approach, performing in-depth and highly accurate Google Maps audits that thoroughly examine every aspect of your local listing. With us, it’s Local SEO, not Guesseo – delivering concrete results, not mere guesses.

Uncover Local Dominance: Audit Your Google Business Profile!

Achieving your goals is easy with our Google Maps Audit. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your GBP listing and perform advanced competitor analysis. They will organize the findings into comprehensive dashboard and provide you with a detailed report dashboard along with optimization recommendations. Your project coordinator will promptly email you the report, and within 2 weeks, you can schedule a complimentary strategy call to discuss the results and explore effective solutions for your listing’s success.

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Optimize Your Listing & Outsmart Competitors!

After conducting an in-depth technical SEO audit, we’ll optimize your Google Maps listing to boost its performance and visibility. By addressing underperforming elements and leveraging competitor analysis, we’ll position your business for local search success. Increase your online presence, attract more customers, and stay ahead of the competition with our expert Google Maps listing optimization and advanced competitor analysis. Take the first step towards dominating the local search results and driving more business to your doorstep.

Stay On TOP with Regular Scanning: Track Your Google Business Profile Progress and Monitor Competitors!

Achieving sustained success requires constant monitoring. With our recurring scans, you can opt for weekly or monthly assessments of your Google Business Profile keywords. Keep a close eye on your progress and stay on top of your competition in the dynamic online landscape. Regular scans ensure your data is always up-to-date, and adjustments can be made based on the competitiveness of your industry. Similar to staying in shape, a monthly SEO campaign complements the impressive results of a single SEO audit, delivering even more satisfying outcomes that will leave you delighted with the continuous improvements.

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Google Maps Audit

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Google Business Profile Optimizations

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Google Maps Auditing

Most frequent questions and answers

A Google Maps audit is a comprehensive analysis of your Google Business Profile which was formerly known as Google My Business (GMB) listing to ensure it is optimized and performing at its best. Our expert team gathers crucial data from your GMB listing and conducts advanced competitor analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

With this audit, we aim to help your business stand out in local searches and achieve higher rankings in the Google 3-Pack. By optimizing your GMB listing and leveraging competitor insights, we can increase your visibility and drive more customers to your business. Get ready to dominate local search and elevate your online presence with our Google Maps audit!

After your Google Maps audit is complete, you can easily access the tracking or audit dashboard to view all the insights and data. The interactive sample dashboards above allow you to explore and play with the data to get a sense of what to expect.

In addition to the dashboard, you will receive a detailed report with all our findings and analysis. If you have any questions or need further clarification, you can schedule a complimentary strategy call within 2 weeks to discuss the results with our team.

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Discover where your google listing stands in your local radius and get higher visibility and rankings with the help of our Google Maps audits. These audits provide a comprehensive ‘baseline’ or ‘benchmark’ snapshot of your website’s current performance, offering crucial data to understand your current position and measure the distance to your goals. With a clear roadmap provided by the audit, you can effectively plan and take action to achieve your objectives.

Our audits offer valuable insights to enhance your website’s performance, elevate listing authority, ensure topical relevancy, and optimize various factors that directly impact your maps listing’s local ranking compared to your competitors. By leveraging these insights and implementing the necessary factors into your campaign, you can make significant improvements and increase your Return On Investment (ROI), making your SEO efforts even more rewarding. Take advantage of our Google Maps audits to unleash your Google Busienss Profile’s full potential and drive business success.

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