Website Audit

Conducting A Website Audit – The Brand Sherpas Many tools provide ideas on improving the rankings of websites in search, including on and off-page SEO audits like broken hyperlinks, duplicate meta descriptions, titles HTML recognition, website statistics errors, index pages, and site speed. A site audit applies to any online business and improves various elements […]

Technical SEO

SEO Technical Problems (And How To Fix Them) – The Brand Sherpas Problems with technical SEO are not the type of problems that go away on their own or fix themselves. Mostly it is the job of a search engine optimization specialist to go in and correct the issues before they get bad enough to […]

Technical SEO Audit Checklist

Do You Have All Of These Factors Running Smoothly? Partial SEO Audit Checklist 0/X Performance Images Optimized Compress all your images using either web processors such as and, or desktop apps such as FileOptimizer and ImageOptim. Generate the exact image size for each element instead of resizing it with CSS/HTML as this can […]