The Ascent to Digital Peak: A Local SEO Case Study

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Every Summit Begins with a Single Step πŸ₯Ύ

Welcome to a detailed account of a digital expedition that led a local business from the foothills of online obscurity to the peak of digital visibility. This case study is a testament to the transformative power of strategic local SEO, skillfully guided by our team of seasoned digital Sherpas.

Here, we document each step of the journey, from setting up base camp to reaching the summit. We shine a light on the challenges faced, the strategies employed, and the victories won along the ascent. You’ll witness first-hand how a business – much like yours – was empowered to conquer its digital landscape and realize the potential of a well-executed local SEO campaign.

We’ve hidden geographical indicators to protect our client’s rankings from the gaze of competitors who might attempt to decode our successful methodologies. We offer live dashboards for prospective clients wishing to examine our case studies, ensuring we can substantiate these results mirror what is seen in a real-time Google search.

7x7 36sq. miles - Roof Repair

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Roof Repair + Near Me

Base Camp πŸ•οΈ
Starting Point for the Digital Climb

Our client, despite their established 1-star rankings for “roof repair + city modifier,” needed help expanding their local visibility. Their reach within their primary location’s 7×7 grid for the keywords “roof repair” and “roof repair + near me” needed improvement. The competition in this major city was cutthroat, and our mission was to strategically advance our client’s position in the rankings, specifically targeting the coveted 3-pack rankings in Google Maps. This was our starting point, our base camp for the campaign.

The Climb Initiation 🧭 Charting the Course & Gearing Up

Our first step involved an exhaustive Google Maps audit of our client’s competitors to understand what they were doing differently. Following this, we identified the necessary optimizations and implemented local geographical relevancy campaigns, improving the client’s proximity relevance and consequently their 7×7 grid visibility. Aware of the value of time, our approach was gradual, allowing Google to establish trust with the campaigns before advancing with off-page techniques and other advanced methods. Our goal? Substantial results within 60 days in a highly competitive and populous region.

7x7 36sq. miles - Roof Repair

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Roof Repair + Near Me

The Ascent πŸ—ΊοΈ
Scaling the Heights of Local SEO

At the 30-day mark, we saw the fruit of our labor. While the changes in the grid rankings for the primary keyword and ‘near me’ variation were subtle, they marked significant progress. The larger radius of the grid dictated a slower visibility expansion from the center to the grid’s perimeter, but the advancement was undeniable.

The Summit View πŸ”οΈ
Achieving Peak Visibility

By day 60, our client’s grid rankings surpassed our initial expectations. Instead of merely achieving the 3-pack, we saw the client landing in the 1st and 2nd positions predominantly across the grid for the ‘near me’ variation and very positive upward trend for the primary keyword roof repair. Only a handful of grid points remained on the grid’s outer perimeter in the 4th position. We anticipate that further user engagement, reviews, and calls will further solidify and elevate these rankings.

7x7 36sq. miles - Roof Repair

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Roof Repair + Near Me

The Descent πŸŒ„ Maintaining Stability Post-Climb

The end of the climb is just the beginning. Our strategy moving forward is to stabilize these remarkable rankings and continue to enhance them. For the 7×7 grids, our goal is to ascend all rankings into the 1st position. We plan to achieve complete dominance over the primary location by continuing geographical relevance campaigns, optimizations, and competitor monitoring through Google Maps audits.

Here is how they rank for Roof Repair + <City Modifier> 😁

Overview πŸŽ’ Timelapse

Our journey from base camp to summit saw the transformation of our client’s local visibility. Despite starting with a challenging landscape in a major city, strategic planning and execution led to incredible results within just two months. As we continue to push for further dominance, stay tuned for updates on this fascinating case study.

7x7 36sq. miles - Roof Repair

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Roof Repair + Near Me

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