From Leaks to Peaks:
The 3-Pack Roof Repair Sprint
Case Study

Roofing - Roof Repair + City

Every Summit Begins with a Single Step 🥾

Welcome to a detailed account of a digital expedition that led a local business from the foothills of online obscurity to the peak of digital visibility. This case study is a testament to the transformative power of strategic local SEO, skillfully guided by our team of seasoned digital Sherpas.

Here, we document each step of the journey, from setting up base camp to reaching the summit. We shine a light on the challenges faced, the strategies employed, and the victories won along the ascent. You’ll witness first-hand how a business – much like yours – was empowered to conquer its digital landscape and realize the potential of a well-executed local SEO campaign.

To ensure our client’s rankings remain secure, we deliberately obfuscate geographical indicators. This serves to safeguard our effective ranking methodologies from prying competitors. We offer live dashboards to prospective clients for an in-depth study of our live case studies, and we can confidently attest that these findings align with results from a real-time Google search.

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Primary Location Center

Base Camp 🏕️
Starting Point for the Digital Climb

At the outset of our journey with our client, we found ourselves at the base of a significant challenge. The client had decent visibility in close proximity to their business location, well represented by the 5×5 grid. However, their online presence dwindled as we ventured out into the 7×7 grid. Despite their proximity advantage, their ranking on the Google My Business page for “roof repair + city modifier” needed improvement. However, their visibility issues were more pronounced in the wider 7×7 grid, with their rankings predominantly hovering around the 5th position. Our mission was to improve their visibility by securing a spot in the top three listings, known as the 3-pack, both in the 5×5 grid and the much more difficult 7×7 grid.

The Climb Initiation 🧭 Charting the Course & Gearing Up

Having assessed the terrain, we began to plan our route. Understanding the competitive landscape was our first priority, so we embarked on a comprehensive Google Maps audit. This deep dive revealed the necessary optimizations and strategies we needed to apply to increase our client’s local geographical relevance and improve visibility. Instead of rushing in with advanced off-page techniques, we decided to take a measured approach, building trust with Google before stepping up our efforts. The clock was ticking, however, as we had set a 14-day timeframe to prove our worth to the client. Despite the uphill battle, we were confident we could help the client achieve better rankings following our audit.

The Summit View 🏔️
Achieving Peak Visibility

Two weeks into our campaign, we were pleased to see encouraging signs of progress. The client’s visibility within the 5×5 grid had significantly improved, almost entirely occupying the 3-pack rankings across the grid. While we anticipate that further efforts will be needed to achieve consistent 1 and 2 rankings, the initial results were highly promising. Furthermore, our push into the challenging 7×7 grid territory began to pay off, with several grid points securing spots within the top four. We’re confident that given more time, we can help our client dominate their area completely. Considering the short 14-day timeframe, these improvements significantly validated our climb strategy.

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Primary Location Center

The Descent 🌄 Maintaining Stability Post-Climb

Our journey doesn’t end at the summit. Sustaining our progress and improving upon it requires a robust post-climb strategy. In the 5×5 grid, we plan to keep propelling our client upwards to secure consistent top rankings. Meanwhile, in the 7×7 grid, our focus will be on the gradual but certain conquest of the region by continuously leveraging geographical relevance campaigns and strategic optimizations. Regular Google Maps audits will also be performed to monitor competitor activity and adjust strategies accordingly. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to help our client maintain their climb and navigate the descent with stable, enduring rankings.

Overview 🎒 2 weeks Timelapse

In summary, our journey with the client began at the base of a challenging mountain. Armed with a strategic approach and a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape, we embarked on a 14-day campaign. The initial results surpassed our expectations, with significant improvements in visibility within both the 5×5 and the 7×7 grids. However, we understand that the climb doesn’t stop here. Our focus now shifts to maintaining these rankings and further improving visibility. We’re excited about the road ahead and confident that with our continued efforts, our client will not only maintain their hard-earned rankings but dominate their geographical area.

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Primary Location Center

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