From Shadows to Spotlight:
Increase Residential Painting Visibility
Case Study

Painting - Residential Painting + City

Every Summit Begins with a Single Step πŸ₯Ύ

Welcome to a detailed account of a digital expedition that led a local business from the foothills of online obscurity to the peak of digital visibility. This case study is a testament to the transformative power of strategic local SEO, skillfully guided by our team of seasoned digital Sherpas.

Here, we document each step of the journey, from setting up base camp to reaching the summit. We shine a light on the challenges faced, the strategies employed, and the victories won along the ascent. You’ll witness first-hand how a business – much like yours – was empowered to conquer its digital landscape and realize the potential of a well-executed local SEO campaign.

To maintain the security of our client’s rankings, we’ve anonymized geographical indications. This keeps our innovative methodologies under wraps from competitors. We provide access to live dashboards for potential clients to examine our case studies in real-time, and we can validate that these results correlate with a live Google search.

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Primary Location Center

Base Camp πŸ•οΈ
Starting Point for the Digital Climb

Our journey with this client, a painting contractor situated in the heart of the town, began with a clear view of the landscape. Despite their central location, they grappled with competition affecting their ranking on the 5×5 grid. Their visibility on the broader 7×7 grid also required enhancement. The client wasn’t faring poorly, but aspired to reach greater heights in visibility. We undertook the task to enrich their position, using the starting point on the tracking grids as a baseline before initiating our SEO campaigns.

The Climb Initiation 🧭 Charting the Course & Gearing Up

For this expedition, we began by scouting out the terrain the client’s competitors had conquered. This approach was critical given the intense competition around the client’s central locale. A thorough Google Maps audit was imminent. We assessed the required optimizations for the client and initiated local geographical relevancy campaigns. Our aim was to boost the 7×7 grid ranking and enhance visibility on the 5×5 grid. We trod carefully, building trust with Google before venturing into off-page techniques or advanced strategies. Despite a tight timeframe of 60 days and challenging competition, we remained confident in our approach to escalate their rankings post-audit.

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Primary Location Center

The Ascent πŸ—ΊοΈ
Scaling the Heights of Local SEO

One and a half months into the campaign, we started observing changes. The 5×5 grid displayed considerable improvement, moving up to the second position. The broader 7×7 grid also exhibited a promising increase, touching the desired 3-pack ranking. The prospect of further progress was exciting.

Current Summit View πŸ”οΈ
Achieving Peak Visibility

Two months into the campaign, we saw a remarkable transformation. The 5×5 grid was predominantly in the second position, hinting at the potential of a climb to the top spot in the coming month. The 7×7 grid, which initially was mostly mid-ranking (92% orange), was now 80% green, with a lot of 3-pack rankings, and even some 2-pack rankings.

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Primary Location Center

The Journey πŸŒ„ Maintaining Stability - Still Climbing

Our journey doesn’t end with achieving the summit. It is equally essential to maintain the rankings, and that’s where our expertise comes in. We plan to keep these rankings stable and continue improving them over time. We aim to push the 7×7 grids into the top position and transform the 7×7 grid into a bright green landscape of 2 and 1 position rankings over time. So, stay tuned for more updates.

Overview πŸŽ’ Timelapse

In closing, this case study encapsulates our journey with a client from a decent starting point to remarkable visibility in Google Maps rankings within a short span. We’ve traversed the rocky terrains of local SEO, faced the challenges of competitive pressure, and yet achieved significant progress. We end on an optimistic note, looking forward to helping the client dominate their local SEO landscape even more strongly in the future.

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Primary Location Center

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