Elevating Aesthetics:
The Residential Painting
Altitude Gain
Case Study

Painting - Residential Painting + City

Every Summit Begins with a Single Step 🥾

Welcome to a detailed account of a digital expedition that led a local business from the foothills of online obscurity to the peak of digital visibility. This case study is a testament to the transformative power of strategic local SEO, skillfully guided by our team of seasoned digital Sherpas.

Here, we document each step of the journey, from setting up base camp to reaching the summit. We shine a light on the challenges faced, the strategies employed, and the victories won along the ascent. You’ll witness first-hand how a business – much like yours – was empowered to conquer its digital landscape and realize the potential of a well-executed local SEO campaign.

Our efforts to safeguard our client’s rankings have led us to obfuscate geographical markers, thereby shielding our successful strategies from competitive scrutiny. For prospective clients, we offer the opportunity to review live dashboards of our case studies, and we can affirm that these outcomes match the results from a fresh Google search scan.

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

Base Camp 🏕️
Starting Point for the Digital Climb

Our journey begins at the foot of the digital mountain, where our client, a painting contractor, struggled to gain visibility for the keyword residential painting + city modifier. Located five miles outside of town, they found themselves disadvantaged due to their distance from the central hub, causing them to lose critical location relevancy in Google Maps’ ranking system. With the 5×5 grid barely holding onto the bottom of page 2, and some positions even lagging on page 3 or worse, the situation appeared dire. The same was true for the larger 7×7 grid that spanned the entirety of their location radius. Despite being an outstanding contractor, the client’s market share was severely underwhelming, due to the lack of local SEO.

The Climb Initiation 🧭 Charting the Course & Gearing Up

Mapping out our ascent, we realized the client’s distance from the city center and their tough competition warranted a full-scale Google Maps audit. We needed to understand what the competitors were doing right that our client wasn’t. As part of our plan of action, we started building local geographical relevancy campaigns, enhancing the client’s local presence. Our aim was to improve rankings in the 7×7 grid and boost visibility closer to home in the 5×5 grid. Given the client’s starting point and their location-specific challenges, we anticipated a challenging climb. Our strategy was to tread carefully, allowing Google to trust our efforts before employing off-page techniques or other advanced methods. The goal was to raise the predominantly red grids to the first page as soon as possible, while ensuring results within the 60-day timeline.

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Primary Location Center

The Ascent 🗺️
Scaling the Heights of Local SEO

As we hit the 30-day mark, we started to witness a shift in the 5×5 grid. Despite the grids remaining predominantly red, there was movement. SEO requires patience and time, and initial volatility is to be expected as Google processes and trusts the new signals.

Current Summit View 🏔️
Achieving Peak Visibility

After 60 days, our persistence began to bear fruit. The 5×5 grid was becoming dominantly green, indicating improved rankings. The larger 7×7 grid on June 28th, which began at 88% red (low rankings), was now 61% orange (mid rankings), showing significant progress in the rankings. We are moving up!

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Primary Location Center

The Journey 🌄 Maintaining Stability - Still Climbing

While we’ve made significant strides, our journey doesn’t end here. It is crucial that we not only maintain these rankings but continue to improve them further. Given more time, we foresee the 5×5 grid showcasing solid 3-pack rankings and an increasing number of 1st and 2nd positions. We still have work to do on the 7×7 grid, but with more effort, we are confident that we can bring it into the 3-pack rankings. This is a testament to our ability to swiftly elevate a business from the bottom of pages 2 or 3 to the 1st page within just two months. Stay tuned for further updates!

Overview 🎒 Timelapse

In this case study, we have demonstrated the journey from obscurity to prominence in local SEO. From a painting contractor struggling to gain visibility to a business successfully dominating their local Google Maps rankings, we have come a long way. As we wrap up, we affirm our commitment to continue this climb, and we are excited about the vistas that lie ahead!

5x5 4sq. miles - Client's Address Center

7x7 Grid 36sq. miles - Primary Location Center

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