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Technical SEO Audit Checklist

Do You Have All Of These Factors Running Smoothly? Partial SEO Audit Checklist 0/X Performance Images Optimized Compress all your images using either web processors such as and, or desktop apps such as FileOptimizer and ImageOptim. Generate the exact image size for each element instead of resizing it with CSS/HTML as this can […]

Website UI Design

Website Ui Design – Important But Often Overlooked We’ve all seen websites and applications that make us want to hurl our gadgets across the room in frustration. At the very least, I’m hoping it isn’t just me who thinks UX website design is critical. A well-designed interface enables users to execute the task assigned to […]

SEO Strategy

SEO – How To Increase Organic Traffic Strategies How can search engine optimization tactics be utilized?? SEO strategy, or search engine optimization strategy, is a comprehensive process for increasing a website’s ranking on search engines to attract more organic traffic. The plan should be built on several essential pillars, including technical SEO, online content strategy, […]

What Does SEO Mean

Understanding What SEO Means And Its Importantance For YouThe Brand Sherpas will continue to satisfy the needs of service owners and managers who are unfamiliar with the importance of SEO. They are aware that SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. If you’re one of those who are curious about what SEO is and […]